Calligraphy Mornings

Oh, Small City! I love you but sometimes, you don’t have what — or who — I am looking for. Like now, I have been dabbling in calligraphy, but the only tools I have are a pencil, a Panda ballpen, and a fountain pen that has a fine nib. The real pens they use for calligraphy are those that have broader nibs (I am so interested but uninitiated!).  These are not available here, but I’ll find them soon — or they’ll find their way to me. 🙂

I love how calligraphy — at least my crude kind — pins me down and suspends everything around me. It suspends unnecessary talk, unnecessary tinkering with other things, unnecessary, mindless munching.  But amazingly, it does not in any way suspend thinking.  I never realized that three of my interests — prose / poetry, sketching, writing by hand — would merge into one quaint art form.

My mornings have been spent journaling and writing by hand.  So far, it is becoming a good preparatory exercise for my bigger tasks for the day, like writing (the serious kind), research, and my daily Sacred Half Hour.

I’ll have the pens, and like-minded friends, soon, so thank you, Providence! kimeesantiago2 kimeesantiago1


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