Calligraphy and Method Acting

I never knew calligraphy tool shopping could be this elaborate, especially since my only option now is to go online. A friend in Manila is getting these toys for me. I have been dumping info and instructions on nibs and such, and I can imagine a blank face at the other end of the chatbox. The friend replies, “This is like shopping for make-up or bags for a woman. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Meanwhile, here’s another exercise I just did. This has been my favorite so far. It isn’t much about the result but the mental and emotional process I subjected myself to just so my work would appear “hurt.” I hope it looks elegantly hurt enough. Wow, now that I said it, I realize there’s a bit of method acting — character work– that can also go into calligraphy. Haha. Or maybe, it’s because I have been re-memorizing my lines as Paula in time for pick up rehearsals later. Still, it fascinates me that now it marries FOUR passions — writing by hand, prose / poetry, sketching, and theater.

kimee santiago


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