Delightfully Bobo

More scribbles. Lifted from my old journals in 2010-2011, when I wrote nonstop and tweeted micropoetry till dawn. Notice the angst-ridden tone! haha



if i turn to girls


But everyone gets past that bitter, broken phase. The meaning that one searches for does come with Grace! So now, this is my life state: discovering and experiencing love, the real kind! And straight from the Source, from Love itself. I always thought “God is Love” was just a mindless stringing of words. What used to be so vague is now so concrete. But what is now so concrete is something I still cannot wrap my mind around, thus my journals now sound like this:


Though I cannot wrap my mind around his wisdom, I definitely can wrap my arms around his Love, too, without fear because it will never run out and it will never let me go. Indeed his Love is enough. The challenge is not just to stay within the comfort of this love, but to spill over unconditionally, too. Tall orderrrrrr. But I trust that this love is making me braver while being vulnerable. Brene Brown is right when she says there is power in vulnerability.

I don’t know if there is power in this, too, but I have also become bobo. Delightfully bobo! I think less and I’m less poetic now. I’ve become shallow and dense and low-tech. Delightfully! Everything is a beautiful surprise. 🙂 (and just now, I receive another work-related surprise, I wanna dance!!!!!)  Indi ta gid ka ya mahimos, Papa God!!! :-))))


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