We are not our abs

Change is oftentimes welcome if it catapults us into something better. We win the lotto after years of slaving off.  That’s a welcome change.  We find ourselves living in a house with a Jacuzzi. That’s a welcome change.   You finally grow abs and make heads turn. That’s a welcome change.

But not if it is about being displaced and defeated, losing attention or losing anything we worked hard for. Change then becomes a gatecrasher, an evil godmother’s curse. A former karibal’s grand entrance before you and your beau exchange “I do’s.”  This is not the change that we plan and yearn for, and so we break apart and become unhappy.

Barometers of happiness

Are these external changes the barometers of our happiness?  Is he a God so insecure that he created happiness as a soul-crushing, life-long, external pursuit that we would only realize it at the tail end of our lives? Happiness is not a reward we fly to the moon for. Not everyone can fly to the moon, so God would never keep happiness tucked in a show window his children cannot reach.

Instead of the moon, God in his infinite kindness, plants this seed of happiness in the heart, always there, readily accessible anytime.  Happiness is stitched tight in our DNA by virtue of being his children that no external change can diminish it, or rob us of it. But God in his infinite kindness respects the universal laws he put in place: he respects our free will to run after happiness wherever it is not found.

Our happiness is bigger than change

So when life changes for the better but we wonder why we remain empty, we remember that happiness is not found anywhere external. We are way above our lotto winnings, aspired for or realized.  Our deepest satisfaction is loftier than the warmth and splendor of Jacuzzi living. We are nor out abs or the likes we generate on social media.

In the same way, when change makes us the world’s biggest losers, we remember that we are not of the world. We are his. We are beyond any of our defeats, and whatever displaces us is just a fly on our shoulder.  We are not our achievements.   We are not because we are made loftier and grander by God’s design and not by human affectations.  Happiness is bigger than any external change because God is our happiness and he remains the same loving God throughout the generations.


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