Life coaching, headhunting

I’m taking a short break now (how short is short?) from working on my three deliverables: the disaster recovery tool for presentation on Monday, two out of three event scripts, and my community column (with minimal circulation, but plenty of heart– yeeehaaa!). All these opportunities came with little effort and I’m very thankful that no less than He is my Headhunter. While immersed in writing, I get a text from an employee of a local company, an old client of the etiquette training I temporarily shelved. This employee requests my services as a life coach for her and a colleague and asks how much I would charge for a month, one session each week.

A life coach — this is rather funny but very interesting, too, because a number of friends have sought my help in their self introspection. I am as broken as anyone and to be a life coach is a parody. I would be more comfortable as a listening friend than a navigator who gets paid. Life coaches deal with life in very organized terms, efficiently flowcharting choices and mapping every turn. Me, I am a messy thinker, I get easily excited, and I cry over sincere professions, and great feats, and MMK stories (though I don’t watch TV much). One wouldn’t want a life coach with a red, leaking nose and smudged eyeliner. Laughing at mishaps and not knowing what to say are what I am best at. If I say yes to this life coach request, these yuppies will go home very disappointed.

So my reply goes (and I find my corny self taking over yet again): “No fee, just coffee…”

I’m meeting up with these yuppies in a few weeks when I come back from CDO. I do not know how this will go because I’ve never met any of them. They must have sat through a few of my talks in the company . But I’m looking forward to it, too, because conversations and anything that lets me in on the human experience make me very happy.  The fact that they are seeking help from a stranger makes them very interesting people already.

For these, let me honor my Headhunter, the best Life Coach there ever is.




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