Replace my toxic feelings with Love

There is this “emotional sport” that we are advised to do whenever we feel anger, resentment, bitterness and a lack of forgiveness towards another person. We are asked to imagine the person, see Jesus in him or her like how God wants us to behold another, and send out tender feelings of love his or her way.


By practicing this, many have become aware and have eventually learned to accept new arrangements, forgive AND forget the wrongdoing, forgive AND love the person, feel good, move on and love some more*. Many times, toxic feelings come from these statements,

“How could one do this to me?”

“He doesn’t know what I am capable of. Watch me!”

“So what? I’m better off than them, they can’t beat me.”

“I have given him this much, but what has he given me in return?”

“She has forgotten about me.”

There is a recurring word in these statements that tells us what we put so much importance on.


The talk last May 8 gives us so much Christian wisdom, including this: “Anger must have an expiry date.”


A kindhearted friend shares with me that whenever she feels any of these negative emotions, whenever she feels she has thought of herself too much to the point of toxicity, she shifts her concerns towards others. That’s when she would console or help a needy friend, volunteer somewhere, or visit old people. This is the grace of God at work!


Resting in the truth that not one of our prayers goes unheard by God, I find myself repeating this when negative emotions arise:

“Jesus, please replace (my anger / bitterness / jealousy / condescension / pride, etc.) with Love.”


This might work for you, too, dear Feaster. Thank you, Holy Spirit!


*This “emotional sport” is taught in the Prayer and Life Workshops (PLW), a free service, that will start in July. Message the Prayer and Life Workshops – Bacolod page on Facebook if you are interested.


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