How to dig

To dig the ground entails stooping, bending, even kneeling and creeping on all fours to reach into the depths below our feet. Naturally, the more serious, and the deeper the digging gets, the dirtier one becomes. Digging, then, is a menial, anonymous job. Miners are covered with soot and sweat; plumbers are damp and, maybe mildewed, too. Gardeners and farmers have soil underneath their fingernails. To dig deeper spiritually is not any less menial. If I dig deeper in the hopes of shooting up and having a serious relationship with my God, I have to painfully give up many habits, conveniences, things, pre-occupations, and social “requirements” that relegate Him to being a spare tire.

To dig deeper then takes a lot of humility, as in the favored ones in the Beatitudes (the poor in spirit, not the world’s wealthy and wise, own the kingdom of heaven; the meek, not the feudal, feuding lords, inherit the earth; the hungry
who go directly to God for sustenance are truly satised; the pure in heart see God.).

Therefore, I cannot dig deeper and see God unless I swallow my pride. But this is necessary otherwise, the promise of digging deeper — growing higher (closer to God) — will not be fullled.

Stuck in the “self” (”but how about me?”) department, I pray that
God may grant me the grace of humility.


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