Love the Lost

The talk on “Commission” gives us “Ten Ways to Love the Lost.” Here is the list, with salient points from the talk, verbatim. I thank God endlessly for inspiring The Feast with practical wisdom like this. I pray, too, that this list reaches many. Notes in italics are my reflections.
1. Be comfortable with mess. Jesus was the holiest person and yet he was the most non-judgmental person in
the world.
2. Be known as a friend of sinners. Hate the sin, love the sinner. When I love the sinner, the sinner learns to love
himself, and stops sinning.
3. Don’t forget your own mess. Self-righteousness is when we believe that other people’s sins are bigger than our sins. The more you can accept your mess, the easier it will be to accept the mess of others. “The church is not a
community of perfect people but forgiven people.”
4. Care before you confront. You only confront within the context of a caring relationship. You can’t correct people who don’t trust you. The first thing Jesus did was not to confront people but to care for people. AMEN, a thousand times.
5. Allow God to do the changing. This is where great faith and surrender come in that God, as the only author of change, is at work and we merely cooperate. This complete trust also helps us to be more hopeful than guilty, more loving and accepting than bitter and harsh.
6. Journey with people.
7. Keep planting seeds of God’s love.
8. See them as persons, not projects. If as projects, we ask, “how many have I brought to Him?” like this were a
numbers game. If as persons, we ask, “how have I loved?”
9. Pay the price. Reconciliation is expensive.
10. Pray for three people.
#Choosetobebrave #itsamiracle #YearoftheLaity


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