No Day Too Busy for The Chair

The closing talk of the WOW (Wonder of Work) series reminds us to make a God-first Schedule. A God-first schedule is one that meets God daily at “The Chair” no matter how swamped with work, chores, or appointments. Even in an outrageously busy day, one sets aside time for a quick meal or else he breaks down. Food and water may replenish and energize, but these cannot address the other signs of fear (doubt and worry), and wear and tear on a busy day (irritation, rudeness, quick temper). What can deal with these then? PRAYER, where God does the speaking and what one does is to just sit still, and bask in His love. The talk recommends a fteen-minute “Chair” time. I got help from a friend to think about what one usually wastes 15 minutes on which can be converted to precious Chair time:

* Aimless surng and scrolling on Facebook and Instagram
* thinking too much about the past, the future; negative thoughts about the present; in other words, drama.
* nitpicking; comparisons of any kind.
* AIDS (As If Doing Something Syndrome), fixing things too much


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