On 75% Slow Success, 25% Quick Success

The love of walking has taught me this lesson: Whatever you can see, you can reach. One time while on vacation, I was planning to visit a tower. From my hotel room, I could see it jutting out. Imagine seeing the McDo La Salle sign from the roofdeck of Chalet. That was the distance I intended to walk. So on foot, I followed the road that led to the tower, occasionally stopping at food stalls and local markets. As long as I could still see the tower, I was assured that I was on the right street.
But at one point, I saw less and less of the tower, fewer people, too, and more trees hounded over. I couldn’t remember making any detour that I would be led away from the tower’s direction. At that moment, I could have thrown in the towel, given up and returned to my hotel. But I wanted something special on that fine day, so I walked on anyway. More trees, foreign chatter, no tower.


Then the road reached a corner that I had to turn. Guess what I saw. God. I mean, the tower of my destination. Indeed, when you can’t seem to see your destination anymore, it means you’re close by. Keep going.


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