The Memory of God

Late have I realized that I dreaded my corporate job because I didn’t ask the right questions or have the right mindset, and heart-set, if you will. Each day at work, my daily question had been, “how could I show my boss I’m worth it and that I am not shortchanging him?” This may seem okay, but it was my ego, and not Love that fueled the question. In the long run, I got tired — and almost died — of worshiping my boss who had been a projection of myself.

I just came back from a consulting job involving Yolanda-ravaged communities in Leyte. The job is far from heroic — all I do is assess what help is needed and write about it to funders, without even the promise of coming back to bring assistance. But I am happy that I have this talk series as my baon. As I sat with people in government and barangays, the silent question in my heart was, “How could I awaken the memory of God in your heart?” I thank the Holy Spirit for taking over, otherwise, I could have been a heartless visitor who only cared about getting my deliverables done. Thank you, Jesus , for LOJ and PLW!


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