When about to give up, remember this story

Of the many stories there are about self-worth and hope, there is one I will never forget. I can’t recall where I read it
or who wrote it but here is my recollection of the story:

Once, the Devil held a garage sale. Laid on the table were the tools he would use to draw people closer to him. The
bestsellers were Anger, Pride, Resentment, Revenge, Lust, Pleasure. Most of them were pointed, potent, and glinting in the sun.
But there was one tool that was veiled so mysteriously, and encased in drama that everyone got curious. It was unnamed but it was the most expensive of all the tools; the rich shoppers placed bids, but the Devil refused to let go
of this tool.

“If I lose this tool,” the Devil, an astute businessman, said,
“I will not succeed in my trade. If all of my tricks and temptations fail, I use this tool as my last resort. Many times, it ensures my victory. The death of the human spirit! And many people do not know that this tool comes from me.”
“At least, tell us its name!” The crowd demanded.
The Devil, heeding their request, tugged at the veil to reveal downcast faces, lifeless eyes, souls shriveled into a sorry, loveless pulp, victims all enthroning that one tool.

“Ladies and gentlemen, behold DISCOURAGEMENT!”

***Papa God, we are Yours. In prayer, help us know what’s


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