Hurt people hurt people… but not in our time!

Deconstructed fairytales and literature launched this year
magnify this truth — hurt people tend to hurt people. Elphaba
in the Wizard of Oz was unloved and unpopular. Maleficent had
been betrayed. Elsa had lost trust in the world. As a defense
mechanism, these fictional villains had hardened with
unforgiveness, had isolated themselves in fear, or had sought
violent revenge.
By no means is this a way to condone or justify
revenge or spite and wrongdoing, but this recurring theme at
best encourages empathy. It brings to mind this reality: the
world today is terribly hurt and betrayed and it needs a lot of
But I am optimistic that the world is evolving, too, and
the collective mentality is recognizing the good more and
more. Little by little, our generation is turning to healthy ways,
consciously going eco-friendly, becoming more charitable, and
we have Pope Francis! Little by little, too, we will be entering a
time that conquers hate only with love, defeats violence with
genuine kindness, heals revenge with unlimited forgiveness.
Hurt people tend to hurt people, but, with God’s grace, it will
end in our generation. It will end because you and I choose to
start loving like Jesus today.


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