Why are we not trending?

If we talk about material, Christianity has a wealth of great
films, books, and inspired entertainment. I would be very
happy to curate the God-centered work of Christian artists.
It will be a great body of work that we’d realize, across ages,
across art forms, we can never really run out of
God-centered masterpieces. It’s not a question of what’s
available, it is a question of patronage.


For example, why is
an R ‘n B cover of a Himig Heswita song far from trending?
Why does “Heaven is For Real,” a movie that brings Jesus
to the mainstream, fail to fill up a cinema fast enough? It is
not as if they are a stranger to artistic requirements and
technique. And if the constraint is promotional budget and a
network ofconnections, as far as I can recall, with Youtube
sensations,and Internet celebrities, ang capital nila, camera,
guts and that one click that launches a million more.


One of the things I’ve thought about is that, maybe we
Catholics need to work on the consistency of our message.
Our artwork, films, books, songs may proclaim love and
mercy, the goodness of the Father, the humility of Jesus,
the tenderness of Mary, but our lifestyles may say otherwise.
To an atheist, an agnostic, to a lukewarm Catholic, or to
someone who has yet to be convinced, we may come off as
fake. Anybody wouldn’t want to broadcast that he is
patronizing a fake.


“Be Jesus” to others – this is our prayer. If, through a
neighbor’s kindness, one experienced something as
COMPLETE as Jesus, he will be bursting to broadcast
Jesus and any creative work that proclaims Him.


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